K2X Load Cell Pedals Kit (B-Stock Assembled)

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  • B stock: Minor Visual differences
  • Final units, K2X is being discontinued in favor of a superior product

  • Improved Version of the original K2 Pedals
  • Throttle and Brake Load Cell Pedals Kit (All Inclusive)
  • Aluminum Side Plates
  • In-house machined HPL Parts
  • Minimalistic and Functional design using Aluminum Profiles as Pedal arms
  • 95Kg Brake Pedal Force with Progressive Feel
  • 6 Configurations possible for brake with provided elastomers
  • Stiff and Precise throttle pedal with travel and preload adjustment
  • Custom 15 bit Electronics
  • 1.8m shielded USB cable
  • 30-60 mins Assembly Time
  • Clutch available soon

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Shipping Weight : 2 Kg