K-2 Pedals Kit

Pedals are the most sought after component in competitive simracing. If you know how to drive the perfect line around a corner, a good set of pedals is guaranteed to convert that knowledge into laptime.

Load cell pedals are crucial for braking as they provide far more control compared to a position based system (potentiometer, hall sensor). However high-end load cell pedals with nominal brake pedal forces of 70Kg+ are often out of reach for most simracers.

Our inhouse developed and manufactured K-2 Pedals aim to level the playing field. These pedals max out at 95Kg on the brake pedal, with a variety of configurations, offering plenty control for most simracers. A stiff and precise throttle pedal helps you modulate while providing a weighty feel under foot.

Our Assembly guide helps you get ready in under an hour.

Technical specifications:

  • Brake Pedal Force: 95Kg max at 160mm from Pivot
  • Brake Pedal max travel: 30mm
  • 4 hardness configurations with provided elastomers
  • Throttle Pedal throw setting: 42mm, 55mm
  • Throttle Pedal max force: 6-10Kg

  • Overall Height including Faces max: 245mm
  • Mounting holes distance Front to Back : 95mm - 105mm
  • Aluminum profile and Machined HPL construction
  • Brass bushings at Arm Pivots
  • Electronics: 24bit ADC, 15bit USB interface

Review By Race Beyond Matter