K2X Pedals

Pedals are the most sought after component in competitive simracing. If you know how to drive the perfect line around a corner, a good set of pedals is guaranteed to convert that knowledge into laptime.

Load cell pedals are crucial for braking as they provide far more control compared to a position based system (potentiometer, hall sensor). However high-end load cell pedals with nominal brake pedal forces of 70Kg+ are often out of reach for most simracers.

Our inhouse developed and manufactured K2X Pedals aim to level the playing field. These pedals max out at 95Kg on the brake pedal, with a variety of configurations, offering plenty control for most simracers. A stiff and precise throttle pedal helps you modulate while providing a weighty feel under foot.

Our Assembly guide helps you get ready in under an hour.

Technical specifications:

  • Brake Pedal Force: 95Kg max at 160mm from Pivot
  • Brake Pedal max travel: 30mm
  • 6 hardness configurations with provided elastomers
  • Throttle Pedal throw setting: 39mm - 53mm
  • Throttle Pedal max force: 6-10Kg

  • Overall Height including Faces max: 245mm
  • Mounting holes distance Front to Back : 96mm - 106mm
  • Aluminum profile and Machined HPL construction
  • Brass bushings at Arm Pivots
  • Electronics: 24bit ADC, 15bit USB interface

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