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S120 Pedals: A High Performance Pedal Set, a class of its own

Novel Design with selectable Progression curves, Forces upto 120KG at the Pedal Face and an unbeatable Price

The S120s owing to its 2500N linear spring offers unmatched Repeatability and Precision. Featuring an Innovative design with the power of Kinematics enables you to set your desired brake feel and builds the perfect muscle memory.


The user can select any of the predefined curves to set the level of progression as well as travel hardness.

Pedal Forces upto 120Kg with a travel of upto 63mm

Each Curve can further be modified by adding initial preload

Adjustable 2-Stage: Red Marks indicate the hard limit on shorter setting

Switching between Curves takes less than an minute (e.g. F1 to GT3)


Linear response on Throttle and Clutch - same base construction

Soft and Stiff setting configurable for both pedals

Stiff and Precise response at the throttle for easy modulation at corner exits

Clutch Features a harder Spring than the Throttle allowing for higher forces

Travel range : 32mm - 65mm

Preload can be added depending on Hardness setting and Travel

Technical Specifications

Full stainless steel construction

Brass Bushing at Pedal Pivots

3D Printed Nylon inserts for linear guides

Brake Max Force : 119Kg at Pedal Face

Brake Max Travel : 63mm

Brake Load Cell : 150kg

Brake Tilt Angle : upto 15 degrees Rearwards

Throttle Tilt Angle : 10 degrees Rearwards

Throttle Travel Range: 32mm to 65mm

Max Height (Base to Pedal Face top): 245mm

Pedal Mounting Holes Distance (Front-Rear) : 86mm - 110mm

15 Bit Electronics - 32000 points per Axis


15 Bit USB interface per Axis 32000 - Points

PLUG and PLAY, Calibration via DIView

3D Printed Nylon Casing