General Pedal Setup

Brake Pedal

  • 2- Stage adjustment, move the spacer in the image below for earlier hard stage (short limit on each curve shown on graph Below- Red dots)
  • Overall pedal angle 7 degrees tilt back . Additional tilt angle can be achieved by shortening the Tie Rod length, L (by upto 5mm) from the recommended length
  • Spring Preload Adjustment - Recommended to keep at Minimum, required to avoid play in the System.
  • Progression Curve Setup is explained in the section below


Throttle / Clutch

  • Short and Stiff Response- ****Please Adjust the Both simultaneously, do not operate with one side at soft and other at stiff, this will damage the spring and Nylon Insert at Top***
  • Response Curves at the end of the page
  • Overall pedal angle 10 degrees tilt back
  • Pedal travel Adjustable sliding the Pedal Travel Spacer
  • Spring preload Adjustment by tightening the Nut marked below. *** For Higher Pedal Travel in the Stiff Setting, Please use minimum Preload)

Brake Pedal Progression

Adjusting the Progression on the Brake Pedal (Step by Step)

  1. Select the Curve from the graph below based on desired hardness and progression level
  2. Install the Tierod Rod-End to the corresponding position on the Rocker (eg. A2,B1... )
  3. Adjust the Tie Rod length 'L' the recommended length for that setting (this ensures the correct design geometry as well as the correct pedal angle)
  4. Please make sure to follow the Gap Size 'G' when adjustment when adjusting the length 'L'. the remaining length is achieved by unscrewing the Rod End, the tie rod is under upto 1200N compression force, this ensures enough thread is present on each side to prevent buckling faliure
  5. Refer to the Assembly Guide Video on how correctly adjust the lengths. the set screw should always stay fixed in the axial joint

Example: Curve C3, L = 110mm , G=10mm

Recommended Tie Rod Length

A1 , C1 : 90 mm

A2 , C2 : 100 mm

A3 , B3, C3 : 110 mm

B1 : 95 mm

B2 : 105 mm

* For Position B3 extra washers can be added at the base between Axial joint and Load Cell to return angle to 90 Degrees

L = 90 mm (G = 0mm)

L = 95 mm (G = 0mm)

L = 100 mm (G = 5mm)

L = 105 mm (G = 10mm)

L = 110 mm (G = 10mm)