Calibration Guide for Pedals

Pedals Calibrate start position to zero when plugged into the USB port. If you add or remove preload, please disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.

The following guide will work on most simulators apart from IRACING, You can however use these values in the Joycalib.yaml file in the IRACING folder

1. Download DIView (Google)

2. Run DIView, no need to install

3. Click on the Gear icon, Top Left, and uncheck all other controllers

4. On the Axis you want to calibrate right click and display Raw Data

X Axis : Brake Z Axis: Throttle Y Axis: Clutch

5. Now Press the Pedal to max and note down the raw values at the start and the End of the throw.

6. Right click on the axis and click Calibration

7. Calibrate the Axis:

  • Enter the Min Value, Add a bit of deadzone (add 5% raw Value, for Brake 2%)
  • Enter the Max Value, Add deadzone (subtract 5% raw value)
  • Add Centre Value, For normal linear behavior this is the mid point (Max Value + Min Value)/2
  • For a non Linear behavior move the Centre Value from the mid value. Increase (e.g 18000) to reduce sensitivity in the start of the throw and vice versa.